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Title: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on August 20, 2013, 09:03:23 pm

Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on September 11, 2013, 09:13:03 am
Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on October 15, 2013, 10:20:08 pm
Fatboss Guide

Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on October 16, 2013, 09:38:15 am
Siegecrafter Blackfuse Abilities

Electrostatic Charge is a damaging ability that Blackfuse regularly uses on his tank. It deals a large amount of Nature damage, and applies a stacking debuff on the target. The debuff increases damage taken from Electrostatic Charge by 100% per stack, but also causes the player to deal 200% increased damage to any targets that have Reactive Armor Icon Reactive Armor (one of the adds has this buff). This ability requires a tank switch.

Protective Frenzy is a buff that Blackfuse gains whenever one of his adds is killed. It lasts for 10 seconds, and it increases his attack speed by 100%.

Launch Sawblade is an ability that Blackfuse uses every 10 seconds or so. It creates a sawblade (a sharp blade that spins in place) at the location of a random raid member. The sawblades deal massive Physical damage to any players who come in contact with them, knocking them back. The sawblades also damage one type of adds, called Automated Shredders, when these come in contact with them. The sawblades last indefinitely, but one of the adds has an ability that removes them (although your raid must perform a certain action for this to happen).

Automatic Repair Beam causes Blackfuse to automatically heal any damaged Automated Shredders or Crawler Mines located within 35 yards of himself.
Energized Defensive Matrix Icon Energized Defensive Matrix is a buff that Blackfuse gains if your raid fails to kill any of the adds that spawn in one wave on the conveyor belt. This buff lasts for 20 seconds, and it reduces the damage Blackfuse takes by 90%.

Automated Shredders
30 seconds after the start of the fight, and roughly every 2 minutes after that, Blackfuse summons an Automated Shredder add. These large adds have several abilities.

Reactive Armor is a buff that reduces their damage taken by 80%.

Death From Above is an ability that the Shredder uses regularly. It leaps up into the air and then lands, dealing a massive amount of Physical damage to players in a 15-yard radius. After landing, the Shredder is stunned for 5 seconds, during which time it takes 200% increased damage.

Overload is a raid-wide damaging spell that the Shredder regularly uses. It deals a large amount of damage, and causes the Shredder to gain a permanent stack of a buff increasing its damage done by 30%. Players on the conveyor belt are not damaged by Overload.

Conveyor Belt Adds
Every 40 seconds, a new wave of adds will enter the fight on the north-western conveyor belt. Three different adds will enter the fight each time, chosen randomly out of four total types of possible adds.

When on this north-western conveyor belt, the adds are deactivated or, in the case of one of them, disassembled. Essentially, this means that they do not do anything and they can simply be attacked and killed, although as we have mentioned, once one of the three adds on the conveyor belt dies, the other two become immune.

The adds that are not killed come out on the north-eastern conveyor belt a few seconds later. Once there, they are no longer deactivated, and are instead activated. Once on the north-eastern conveyor belt, the adds can no longer be killed. These adds remain on the north-eastern conveyor belt long enough to cast their ability once (they each have a single ability, and after using it they disappear). The exception to this rule are certain mine-like adds that jump down on the platform and need to be killed.

Below, we list the abilities of each of the four types of adds, as well as the name of the adds when they are on the north-western conveyor belt.

Activated Missile Turrets use Shockwave Missile against your raid.

Shockwave Missile creates three damaging waves of "seismic energy". The first wave strikes a small area around Siegecrafter Blackfuse, with subsequent waves, each about 15 yards wide, striking farther and farther out, until the edges of the platform are reached. Each wave has an orange warning animation that gives players about 2-3 seconds to move out of the affected area. Players standing in an area that is affected by a wave take a very high amount of Nature damage. Automated Shredders also take damage from Shockwave Missile. After one cast of Shockwave Missile, the Missile Turret despawns from the north-eastern conveyor belt.
When on the north-western conveyor belt, the Activated Missile Turrets are called Deactivated Missile Turrets.

Activated Laser Turrets use Superheated against your raid.

Superheated is a laser beam that follows a random raid member, leaving damaging void zones at the point of impact. Players who stand in these void zones gain a stacking DoT that deals a small amount of Fire damage per second for 7 seconds. Automated Shredders also take damage from Superheated void zones. After chasing a player with the laser beam for 10 seconds, the Activated Laser Turret despawns.
When on the north-western conveyor belt, the Activated Laser Turrets are called Deactivated Laser Turrets.

Activated Electromagnets use Magnetic Crush against your raid.

Magnetic Crush pulls all players and sawblades towards the Activated Electromagnet over the course of about 10 seconds. Players can resist this effect by running in the opposite direction, but all the sawblades will inevitably make their way to the Activated Electromagnet, being removed from the fight. Any players or Automated Shredders who come in contact with sawblades that are being pulled by an Activated Electromagnet take damage from them. After one cast of Magnetic Crush, the Activated Electromagnet will disappear.
When on the north-western conveyor belt, the Activated Electromagnets are called Deactivated Electromagnets.

Several Crawler Mines jump down from the north-eastern conveyor belt, fixating on random raid members and moving towards them.

When a Crawler Mine reaches its target, it casts Detonate!, self-destructing and dealing a large amount of Fire damage to all raid members, knocking them up in the air.
For the first minute after spawning, the Crawler Mines are debuff with Break-in Period, which renders them vulnerable to root, snares, and stuns. After 1 minute, Break-in Period is replaced by Ready to Go!, which removes the previously-mentioned vulnerability and increases the Mines' movement speed.
When on the north-western conveyor belt, the Crawler Mines are called Disassembled Crawler Mines.

Very basic tactics

2 dps need to be assigned to go onto the conveyor belt, 1 each time the belt starts, this is due to the fact there is a 1 min debuff and they spawn every 40s.
On the conveyor belt you should mostly kill the deactivated clawler mines as they are the most problematic adds to deal with, Also allow a Deactivated Electromagnet to make it over to the north-eastern conveyor belt every few rounds to clean up the sawblades which will start to fill the main room.

Tanks need to taunt swap at 3 stacks which is enough time to kill one of the large adds, These adds are NOT killed by the raid, they have an 80% damage mitigation on them from players, they must be tanked in sawblades and kited over shit to be killed. They also need to be tanked at least ??35?? yards form the boss or the boss will heal them.

If we get crawler mines they are priority targets.

Move out of stuff like sawblades, shockwave missile, superheated...etc etc

Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on October 16, 2013, 02:22:21 pm
Fight is 2 tanks and 2 or 3 healers, I guess we should start with 3 healers and see how it goes.
Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Karä on November 01, 2013, 10:13:18 am

Maybe you can do it now Tagan
Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Irisiri on November 01, 2013, 06:33:36 pm
But that was flex  :P
Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Karä on November 01, 2013, 07:41:26 pm
Ohh right >.<
Title: Re: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Boss 12)
Post by: Tagan on November 23, 2013, 12:01:17 pm
Achievement: Defeat Siegecrafter Blackfuse without destroying each of the following weapons in Siege of Orgrimmar on Flexible, Normal or Heroic difficulty:

Deactivated Laser Turret slain
Deactivated Missile Turret slain
Deactivated Electromagnet slain
Disassembled Crawler Mines slain

Again self explanatory, We can either do this over 2 weeks (assuming anyone doesn't have any of them ticked off) or try and do it in 1 go by not actually going onto the platform, I guess the latter would be a bit tricky though, especially on normal.

Not really sure how I managed it but I only need the crawler mines part.