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Re: Immerseus (Boss 1)
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We did, although not in a hugely organised way.  The pool gets WAY bigger when the adds hit it, so it's hard to avoid, and strinks quite fast when you touch it but leaves a fairly nasty DoT behind (it killed one once and got close a few times).

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Re: Immerseus (Boss 1)
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.. another method by a guild called flask up. They used a mage to pew pew the boss. Adds were tanked in aoe range of the boss as the aoe doesn't build up a debuff.

We found that it was best to allow 1 player to just damage the boss while he had the Swelling CorruptionSwelling Corruption active on himself and then healers would simply dispel the debuff when it got to 4 or 5 stacks. This allowed us to remove the Swelling CorruptionSwelling Corruption from the boss in a fast manner and then all DPS players could switch back to the boss in order to continue the fight.